Breakfast Market


Rainy days here in Berlin, but yesterday that did not stop us from waking up early to go have brunch at the Breakfast Market. We discovered this event a few months ago, it happens every third Sunday of each month at the Markthalle Neun in Kreuzberg. But yesterday was our first time there, we always forgot the right date, once we went there and found out it was closed…. sadly, we returned with our bellies empty…to our luck, the opposite happened yesterday! 😀

We went with our Italians friends Maurizio and Marina, funny story about Marina…we met her at our german class a couple of months ago, and we actually discovered that she is our front door neighbour!!! We had never bumped into each other once, and she lives in the building since June…talk about coincidences! Continuing…we got at the market around 10:30 am, and for a place that opens 10:00 o’clock, the place was already full. There were so much options to chose from, we got a little lost, but we had already read that the Big Stuffed Smoked BBQ, was highly recommended, and when we passed by its stand there was no doubt on our minds.

Here you can see below, the best pulled pork sandwich I have eaten in my entire life! Trust me, I’m not exaggerating….it’s like heaven in your mouth!



It’s quite impossible to resist this combination of pulled pork, poached egg, celery, fried bacon and BBQ sauce…I wish I could eat that everyday until the end of my life! hahaha

Moving on, our next choice was this pastrami sandwich with swiss cheese, cabbage and pickle.


Rafael loved this one quite as the other, but as you read above, there was no tie for me…haha

Maybe you’re thinking that we were done eating, but do not be fooled…we chose this one next:


Ok, so we all shared these two dishes in four…it was the first time that I ate the famous Huevos Rancheros, and I liked it very, very much! yummy!

And of course, there is always a little room for dessert 🙂


Unfortunately there was no Pistachio ice cream, Rafael’s favourite, so he took a bite of my chocolate cone..haha


We had a great time there as you can see! Great company and delicious food, wouldn’t ask for anything else 😉






I highly recommend this place, you can see here all the events that happen during the week and on weekends. Just remember, the Breakfast Market only happens in the third Sunday of each month, don’t be forgetful like us…hahaha

Have a great week!




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