New items in my closet



As I recently mentioned, last saturday was a shopping day. I finally went to Forever 21, the store opened on march but I decided to wait a little because of the crowd, for weeks you’d had to wait in a huge line just to get in.

The fuss was about the prices, cheap, if you compare it with Zara here in Brazil. As I got there I came across a full house, but luckily there was no waiting line, yay! Since autumn is here the evenings are getting colder and because of that I noticed the lack of winter clothes in my closet. There was a huge selection of sweaters, coats, scarves, knits…I couldn’t be more delighted. So I picked some items in which the fitting room was not necessary because of the waiting line. I think I spent almost one hour there and after exploring its two floors, this is what I happily took home.


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