Our Wedding Rings


I’m very happy to write this post and share the amazing work of my Brazilian friend Michel Demarchi (www.micheldemarchi.com.br / IG: @michel.demarchi). I met him when I used to work at IBM, and that my friends was in 2011. We weren’t in the same team, but we rode the same bus to and from work everyday, so one day we started talking. May I say that he is one of the funniest person that I know! It’s impossible not to laugh when you are around him, he is indeed one of a kind! One thing he is truly passionate about is jewelry, and that’s what he does on his free time.

I never had the money to ask him for a certain piece of jewelry, but when Rafa and I decided to get married, I wanted him to do our wedding rings, no one else…because I wanted it to be special and unique…handmade by a person that I know and trust…not just a random pair of rings of a big jewelry store. Funny story though, I asked him for the rings after we’d already married..not so common right..ha! But then again, nothing in my life is…hahaha

When I ordered the rings, I asked him if he could take some pictures so that I could share on the blog, so here are some of his snaps showing the progress 🙂

photo 2-2

Since he is a goldsmith, we gathered a couple pieces of jewelry that wasn’t in use so that he could melt it and use on the rings. Even my mother-in-law gave us a pin that she didn’t use (photo above). This pin had 1o tiny diamonds in it, but I was thinking of using only the gold in it. But Michel said that he could put them in my ring, and the result would be amazing. I trusted his opinion and said that the could do it.

photo 1

Ten tiny diamonds

photo 4

photo 3

It’s so interesting to see how malleable gold is!

photo 5

Rafael’s ring is almost done! You can see that his ring is a little bit thinner than mine.. don’t worry, it was his request..haha

photo 1-2

photo 1-3

This is the final result!! I got so happy when I opened this little box that Michel gave us!! He was definitely right about the diamonds, the ring is delicate and subtle, exactly the way I wanted it ❤ ❤ ❤


Perfect combination with my engagement ring 😀  Curious fact: I got used to wearing the ring on my left hand while I was in Brazil, but when we came back to Germany, we discovered that they wear wedding rings on the right hand! Just have to remember switching it from time to time…haha

photo 3-2

Sorry you guys, we are not the best hand model…hahaha it’s kinda hard to take a good picture when you have one free hand only..ha! We tried to do our best to take a good picture of the rings, but unfortunately we don’t have the right camera lens, I didn’t know that it was so hard to photograph jewelry 😮

photo 2-3

Thank you for all your hard work, Michel!

We loved it! ❤


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