4 Years

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This past week was a really important week for us, on September 16th we celebrated 4 years together! Hooray 😀 We celebrated with two date nights: in and out. On Wednesday, Rafael made this incredible bruschetta with prosciutto, figs and camembert cheese, the most perfect combination if you ask me! And of course we opened a bottle of red wine and enjoyed the company of Dexter Morgan while we were at it! We started watching Dexter on Netflix three weeks ago, and we are so hooked up, we just finished the third season. It’s amazing how his character is so well built, you get so involved in his life that you start cheering for him, although he is a serial killer…it only happens in fiction! hahahaha

But back on the subject..hehe, yesterday we went to an American restaurant here in Berlin, Juleps New York Bar & Restaurant. We always have a difficult time picking a place to go here, there are so many options that we end up getting lost. This restaurant has a great selections of American drinks, which we enjoy very much, the place itself is very nice too. The food was ok, nothing extraordinary though…I ordered a Hawaiian Burger (comes with a slice of pineapple in the middle) the combination is really good, but there was no sauce in it which led to be dry, in the end it wasn’t that tasteful. Rafael ordered a Pork dish, and well..it was ok too. I think that it’s more of place to go and have drinks (they are really good) and appetizers. We did have a good night though, spending time together is always fun 🙂

Plus, these four years have been amazing! We have done so many things together, and I am very grateful and thankful to God for placing Rafael in my life. I can be really hard to deal with sometimes, but he always has patience to sit and talk with me, and show me another side of things that I can’t really see on my own. He understands me more than anyone else and accepts my flaws. But most important, we have fun together and make each other laugh, for me that is another key for a good relationship.

Here’s to 4 years and many more!! ❤

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Rafael gave me this beautiful sunflower, one of my favourite flowers 🙂

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