Bite Club BBQ


As I said before, Berlin is full of fun events now in the Summer, it’s hard to choose one…but I usually go to the ones where food is involved…hahaha On Sunday, Bite Club was hosting a barbecue event at Funkhaus Berlin, an old radio broadcasting building from the GDR period. I’m going to write a special post about this amazing building, because there was a tour and Rafa took some amazing pictures of it! The location was a little far from our apartment, and the weather was not as its best…around 20 degrees celsius with a little bit of sun, clouds and windy…but I decided to embrace the “Summer day” and wear shorts! Of course I felt chilly the moment I stepped on the street, but I was trusting on the sun…it did come out a few times, kept me warm while we were sitting besides the Spree river. When we decided to come home, it was already cloudy, and as soon as we got home, it poured, we were lucky!

But enough of the weather forecast…hahaha! Let’s talk about the event! First of all, I thought it would be bigger, with more food trucks or stands, but for my surprise there weren’t many options. But they chose a great place for it, as you can see in the pictures 🙂


You see?! Right in front of the Spree, perfect place to relax on a Sunday!


The building you see on the back is the Funkhaus.



There was electronic music of course, not my favourite kind of music, but it was ok…for me it seemed like we spent the whole afternoon listening to same music track…sorry electronic lovers…haha




I was about to take this picture when the guy posed for me…was really funny!

It’s so nice to see everyone enjoying these kind of events in open air, this is one of the reasons why I love Berlin ❤

Bloomon was also there with their lovely flower bouquets, seriously, every streetmarket I go around here, they are there!



Loved this bus ❤

Now let’s talk about what really matters…food of course!

Our first choice was the best! Pignut’s St. Louis style ribs was to die for…it melted in my mouth!



And what better beverage to go along than beer…right?! Rafa chose Berliner Berg’s pale ale, and I have to say that it’s the best crafted beer I have ever tasted…delicious! And I just discovered that the brewery is in our neighbourhood, Neukölln…yay!

Ok, so here comes the tricky part, the photos above look pretty good, but the octopus burger…not so much, the octopus was really chewy. Even Rafa, who loves seafood, did not like it, and for him to complain about any kind of food guys, it ain’t a good thing! The guy from the stand was having some trouble with the charcoal in his grill, so I want to believe that was the problem. After that we got a little discouraged to try another different burger, so we closed our afternoon with ice cream! Can’t go wrong with that..right?!


Two scoops for each, of course ❤  I chose chocolate with brownies and vanilla with cookie dough, and Rafa chose salted butter caramel and earl grey tea with grapefruit! Both of us thought the ice cream was divine!! It’s probably the best one made in Berlin that I have tried until now, will definitely be on the look-out for the Jones cute little blue ice cream truck! We enjoyed every last bite with the beautiful view below.


There were a lot of boats along the spree that day.


My bearded man and me ❤


Looking forward for the next open air event!

Sorry for the long post, I always get carried away with these kind of things…ha!










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