Random: Current obsession – Gypsy – Fleetwood Mac


I started watching the Netflix series Gypsy last week, and I got totally seduced by the opening credits, after seeing that smashed bottle of Bulleit whiskey (and also during the episodes, because Jean’s favourite drink is an Old Fashioned), and listening to Stevie Nick’s beautiful voice in the new version of Gypsy….I got obsessed!!! Now I’m listening to that music a hundred times a day, and I also found myself ordering an old fashioned last week when we went to a bar. Obviously it was not the first time I had it, when we lived in São Paulo, Rafael used to do it a lot at home, but I think he never did it here. To tell you the truth, I’m not a big fan of whiskey, at least not “neat” or “on the rocks”, it’s too strong that way for me. But there is something quite tasty about the old fashioned, and when I tried it again last week, I said to myself, maybe this is my drink!

Now to the music, Spotify has opened so many doors for me lately (I know that it sucks for the artists because they basically earn nothing with them), we left all our cds and vinyls in Brazil, and we also don’t have a radio system or a record player here yet, but it’s in our plans 🙂 There are some playlists on Spotify that I always listen to, Classic Acoustic, is one of them. There are so many amazing artists on that playlist, and many songs from the 70’s which I love! I already knew several songs from Fleetwood Mac, Dreams was my favourite until Gypsy popped up last week…haha Now I’m finding myself listening to FM everyday, hell, I’m listening to it right now! hahaha They are so good, just one more band to prove that I was definitely born in the wrong generation….but maybe I’ll still have a slight chance to go to their concert, I discovered that they’re on tour in the US, so please come to Europe and Berlin!!!


And if you want my opinion on the series, I’m enjoying it a lot! I’m already a fan of Naomi Watts, and she is playing this part so well, I’m really curious about what is going to happen to Jean, because living a double life is not a piece of cake, and she has so many things going on her life, between her patients, marriage and daughter….and I’m not saying what she’s doing it right (heck, who am I to judge, even if it’s fiction..haha), but I think you can’t live forever trying to something you are not, someday you are bound fall (you can almost have the impression that the music Gypsy was written for the character). But besides her psychological issues, I’m in love with her wardrobe, Jean has such a good style! If I could, I would always wear a pair of high knee boots with dresses as well!

Have a wonderful week!


little update: finished watching Gypsy on Netflix, a little note on Jean, she crazy!!! (and mean)! haha

5 thoughts on “Random: Current obsession – Gypsy – Fleetwood Mac

  1. Ooooh I’ve never heard of this show! My grandad LOVES Fleetwood Mac so I remember all our old roadtrips (we used to drive to France every summer) always played them. I didn’t know that they were still touring…I may have to buy him some tickets!x

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