Easy Meals


I’m always searching the web for new recipes, I left my cookbooks in Brazil and I still don’t master the german language enough to buy german cookbooks, but that is on my list, of what I’ve seen in the bookstores here, there are a lot of interesting choices.

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Summer Peach Galette


If there is one thing I can’t enough of is stone-fruits, I love peaches, nectarines, apricots, plums and cherries. These fruits here in Berlin are really cheap in the summer, you can find packages of 1kg for €0.99 or less, and they are really tasty and delicious! This is very different in Brazil, these fruits can be very expensive and not that tasty, but the same can happen here with tropical fruits.

It has been a little while that I wanted to bake a peach pie, but since our kitchen here is not fully equipped, I needed a recipe that didn’t involve a baking pan, blender or mixer. So I went to look online and came across this recipe, which was easy to bake. I felt so happy while I was making it, I really enjoy making the dough from scratch and work with fresh ingredients, a good playlist also helps to set a good mood 🙂

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Homemade Gnocchi


While I was growing up in Sao Roque, a small town near Sao Paulo, my aunt and cousin had a small business at home, they sold homemade frozen meals. I would help them in the kitchen some days during the week and on weekends. Saturday was especially for pasta, my aunt would make lasagna, cannelloni, gnocchi and I was responsible for cooking them.

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Dinner is served



I usually cook a nice meal on sundays, but today was different, the person who went to the kitchen was not me, instead it was my boyfriend. He made a delicious italian dinner and after this I will sure force him to cook again!

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