My Mini Diana


A couple of years ago, Rafael gave me a Lomo camera, Mini Diana. I was thrilled! It had been years since I took a photo with an analogical camera. It came with three 35 mm film, one black and white and two coloured (normal and chrome). The first time that I used the camera, I mixed the films….I thought that I was using a coloured one, but instead, it was the black and white. Until today, I still don’t know how I did that, because the type is written on the film….a little bummer, but still I had some nice pictures at the end, but I have to confess that some of them are black as the night! hehehehehe

I love the feeling of using an analogical camera…butterflies in your stomach when you don’t know if that picture came out right, happiness when you reveal a film and you find some pictures that you didn’t even remember and the spontaneity of it all. 😀

After I revealed two films, I noticed that I have to work a lot on my steadiness, because some pictures came out blurry. It’s funny because we are so used to erase the blurry photos on digital cameras nowadays, that’s natural to have only good photos. But that’s ok, I’ll have lots of time to practise!

Berlin, here I come to take awesome pictures of your beautiful green season! 😉

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