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Wednesday was Rafael’s birthday (yes folks, we are all getting old around here…haha), what better reason to pick a nice restaurant and empty a little bit more our bank account to celebrate one more year of his life?! This year, I chose the restaurant and didn’t tell him which one it was, or what type of food they serve. I wanted it to be a surprise, a good one I hoped….and it turned out to be the best restaurant that we know here in Berlin (until now). Ok, so we don’t know a lot of restaurants here, but we already had bad experiences. I think that I already talked about this on the blog, how hard it is to find a good and clean restaurant here in Berlin (affordable to our pockets). Call us picky, but we like clean plates, glasses, silverware and napkins! People here most of the times don’t see the use of napkins, and I’m like whaaaat?! you crazy?! I always eat with a napkin by my side, but maybe this is a cultural thing…I don’t know…so I was definitely nervous to try and pick a nice restaurant, and photos on the internet can fool you for sure! I ended up on the Tripadvisor website, I remember that we found some great restaurants through them while we were in France, but we also got one bad experience, but in my opinion, they are almost always right. So I decided to trust them once more and booked a table at an Italian Sicilian restaurant called Focaccino, located in the neighbourhood of Charlottenburg.

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Our Christmas in Berlin


After worrying about my first Christmas as a host last week, today I can tell you that it was a success….YAY!!! I’m so happy that everything went well, thank God! Of course there was a little a stress in the kitchen the day before Christmas eve (minor disagreement about lemon curd), but in spite of that, the food was delicious and the people were pleased. This was the first Christmas that I spent away from my family or anybody’s family, it was a special Christmas with friends that are also a long way from home. Our Italian friends Maurizio and Ivan came, and also I had the pleasure to meet Gabriel and Ana, a couple from Brazil, he studied in College with Rafael and they were here in Berlin as tourists, so we invited them of course. We had so much fun, Italians and Brazilians have so much in common, the language is very similar, sometimes it’s easier to speak in our native language than english, or german….of course…hahahha.

We sure did have a great time, we laughed and ate a lot! I get so happy when I see other people eating my food and enjoying it. I’m so grateful and thankful, it could not have been better 😀

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Christmas Feast

For the first time in my life, I’m going to cook a whole christmas meal. Rafael and I spent all day running around after the ingredients, and we still do not have all of them. We just came back from Ikea, because we just have one good roasting pan, now there’s three…and four more wine glasses, two spatulas and an appetizer set 😀 it was impossible to buy just the roasting pans…hahaha

Anyway, I’m finding this dinner a bit of a challenge, because I was thinking of roasting a big chicken, with at least 2 kilos…but it’s impossible to find it here, you only find little small ones. I found out that the famous birds for christmas here are turkey, duck and goose. I almost changed the recipe to turkey, but instead I’m going with two small chickens…no problem 😉

So, here is my ideia for dinner on Thursday night:


  • 3 different types of pâtés, that we will buy from a turkish supermarket, with bread;
  • Camembert cheese with apricot jam;
  • Jamón serrano;
  • Olives (that I love).

Main course:

  • Rice with almonds;
  • Roast Chicken;
  • Roast Vegetables;
  • Honeyed Ham with Pears and Cranberries;
  • Stuffed Conchiglioni with Spinach and Feta;


  • Fruit Tart (that I’m really nervous to make).

I hope that everything goes as smoothly as possible, and of course I’ll have my special helper, Rafael of course…ha! I’m going to start preparing tomorrow, so wish me luck! And of course I’m gonna share the results of this game, Christmas Dinner x Bruna, later this week or the next one.

I hope that you all have a wonderful and blessed Christmas with your loved ones! We are going to miss our family for sure this year, but at least we have one another and dear friends close by 🙂

Merry Christmas!

xoxo and hohoho!


Couscous Salad with Lamb Chops


A few days ago, I posted on Instagram (follow me @brunaiglezias) our Sunday dinner. Rafael loves dishes with couscous, basically because he loves arabic food, on the other hand I am not quite used to it. So I began my search on the internet to find a meal that would please us both. I came across this recipe that had everything I liked, roasted vegetables, chickpeas and arugula…plus couscous! That  was a winner, I thought! But Rafa usually isn’t very fond os dishes without a protein, he always says that after eating only salad, 15 minutes later he is hungry again…hahaha

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Dinner is served



I usually cook a nice meal on sundays, but today was different, the person who went to the kitchen was not me, instead it was my boyfriend. He made a delicious italian dinner and after this I will sure force him to cook again!

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