Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church


I am so happy that the weather is getting warmer around here! The grass is greener, trees have new blossoms, new animals are arriving….don’t you just love the rebirth of nature?! Everything is wonderful!!

With all of that going on, you have no reason to stay at home, just walking around in this amazing city in the sun makes me so happy! There’s always something new to discover. We went for a walk in the lovely Charlottenburg’s neighbourhood, home of countless stores, the Zoo, theatres, museums and the Protestant Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. It’s almost impossible to not be drawn to the church, you’re walking down the street and suddenly you see this church that is almost entirely destroyed. Now, if you are curious like me, you want to go there and discover about its history. The minute you enter the hall, you see beautiful mosaics all around and can imagine how beautiful is was before being destroyed.

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