Berlin from above


Happy first Monday of February you all!

We had a great weekend around here, Rafael, my mother-in-law and I went to São Roque (a little town close to São Paulo) to visit my family 🙂 Although the trip was fast, we arrived Saturday at lunch time and left yesterday afternoon, we had a really good time! It doesn’t matter how much days you spend there, you always eat, drink and laugh a lot, I sure was missing them after one year apart. Definitely planning a longer trip for the next time 😉 I know that we are now in Brazil, but we did so much great things in December while we were still in Berlin, that I just have to share!

From the beginning we wanted to go up on the famous TV Tower, one day we got up early to go, but when we got there, the line was huge….so we gave up and ended up leaving it for another day. Then, we discovered that you could also go up the Victory Column, which is located in Tiergarten, and was also a lot cheaper, only 3 euros.

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