Wine and Dine

On Wednesday my boyfriend and I went out for my birthday dinner, I’m celebrating early because this year it will fall on mother’s day, tell me about a tough competition..hahaha.. We went to Serafina an italian restaurant, first time there. The place is cute and comforting, soft lounge music, dim light and each table has a little glowing candle, good to go in couples, friends and families. For starter we chose a mozzarella and prosciutto crostini (that was really good), and the Artero tempranillo spanish red wine (Bodegas Muñoz). I love wine in general, but I’m not really an expert on the subject, every time a go a restaurant and order wine I feel silly because I don’t know how to taste it, I would rather say to the waiter to just pour the whole glass. The Artero wine impressed me, it’s very good, strong and boy does it leave a dry mouth. My main course was a three type pasta dish in which there was spinach ravioli, gnocchi with pesto sauce and pomodoro tagliarini with a side basket of herb focaccia. It was delicious, one of the best pasta I ever ate, made me very happy. To close the night I ordered a cheesecake that came with a scoop of strawberry ice cream, to tell the truth I had to split it with my boyfriend because it was kindda big. The cheesecake did not impress me as much as the ice cream, maybe next time I’ll try another desert. We went home laughing and giggling after a wonderful fun time and meal.

Hope you have a nice weekend 😉


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