Coco Bambu

Today Rafael (the boyfriend) and I spent the day out of the house, we had planned to go to the Botanical Garden, but as I opened the curtains in the morning, I saw a cloudy sky. That totally broke my mood because I thought it would rain, so we decided to go to the mall instead. After a few hours of shopping and a lot of window shopping we really got hungry, so we decided to leave the mall and go grab a bite somewhere. This week I read an online article in the brazilian magazine Exame, which was talking about the Coco Bambu restaurant and its success. I always passed by it, but by the look of the building thought it was too pricey. But after reading the article I changed my mind and decided to go there and try their famous seafood. My expectations were high and as we entered the restaurant I got amazed by the place, it has three beautiful floors nicely decorated. We sat at a table in front of a window, the view of the city is nice, you can see the busy avenue Juscelino Kubitscheck and surroundings. We ordered our dish right a way, and after choosing from a extensive menu, our choice was shrimp in thermidor sauce, made with white wine, bechamel sauce, mustard and mushrooms, accompanied by sautéed potatoes and rice with raisins. After a little while of talking and sipping on our drinks, the dish arrived and let me tell you, it was not worthy of a picture, the presentation didn’t impress me at all, but ok sometimes that happens and the food is delicious. But sadly not on this case, it was just ok, something I could do at home ( or even better). The potatoes were undercooked and cold, I could tell that the rice was not freshly cooked (horray for the raisins!), the shrimp was good but not exceptional, they were basically swimming in the sauce. The other thing that bothered me was my white cloth napkin, it had stains, kinda looked dirty, wondered what Gordon Ramsay would say about that if it was an episode on Kitchen Nightmares. We ate the meal of course and even brought the leftovers home (there was a big portion of food).  I don’t know if it was my high expectation, but after this experience I would not go back…one less restaurant in São Paulo for me (sadly!).

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