Leather & Leopard

photo 5

There was a time in my life that I didn’t like animal prints, I always thought they were to flamboyant. But as you know, life is full of surprises…my opinion definitely changed when I saw this neoprene leopard dress at Zara, it was love at first sight! I like the idea that fashion designers are incorporating neoprene in daily outfits, they adjust perfectly to the body in a nice good fit. Plus it’s also warm, therefore a good acquisition for fall or winter, and since the temperatures are getting lower here in Sao Paulo, I decided to pair it up with a leather jacket and boots. Just rocking it up a little bit for a saturday night 🙂

photo 4 (1)

                                       Dress: Zara; Leather jacket: Forever 21; Boots: Prego

photo 3

photo 2


photo 1

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