Cafe Einstein Stammhaus

photo 1

We are very lucky to have such a nice landlord, based on my past experiences, he is one of the best! When we moved in the apartment, he wrote us an e-mail about the nice and cool things to do around the neighborhood. We’ve gone to street markets, we went to eat burgers at a place as he describes “the best burger” and let me tell you, he wasn’t wrong about that! One time we asked him were could we eat a good ol’ Apfelstrudel, and I think he didn’t even think twice before saying: “At Cafe Einstein Stammhaus“. So these days Rafael and I were walking around Berlin, I got a little hungry and remembered the Cafe, it’s not very close to our home, but it was totally worth it 🙂

When we got to the neighborhood by metro and started walking to the Cafe, for one moment we thought we were in the wrong place, because there were a lot of office buildings and didn’t seem like a residential area, usually were we find cafes here. So we walked a little more, and there it was, a beautiful ancient building. I got really impressed when I got in and discovered that the building has quite a history. It was built in 1878, by sewing machine manufacturer Gustav Rossman, in the 1920s the house became home to a jewish banker and his wife, which would later be used as a secret gambling club for the high society of the Weimar Republic: aristocrats, intellectuals, the rich, famous lawyers and numerous stars. But when the National Socialists took power in 1933, the club was publicly busted and the owners were disowned. The house was one of the few buildings in Kurfürstenstraße to survive and after the war, its fate should remain undecided for a long time, until the Einstein opened in 1978 with the aim of creating a true Viennese-style coffee house in Berlin. Oh how I love to find things like this in Berlin 🙂

If I lived near the cafe, I would definitely go there everyday and order a Cappuccino, it’s the most creamiest and delicious one I have ever had! And of course an apfelstrudel by the side, and sandwiches… and probably everything that’s on the menu. We will go back there to taste everything for sure!

photo 1 (1)

photo 5

photo 2

                                                                          ˆˆRafael’s sketch of the Cafeˆˆ


                                                                                  Library room

photo 4

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