Boyfriend’s Sweater


If there is one thing I am not, is photogenic. When I was a teenager, I hated being photographed, honestly, I have 3 to 5 pictures from age 13 – 18. I was not very found of my looks that time, and I was really, really shy. Still am, but I have improved a lot! I see the teens nowadays taking hundred of pictures of themselves, some bad, some really good, but let’s face it, with a camera on a phone things can get much easier for them. Not for me, because I still can’t take a good ol’ selfie, I’m horrible at it! hahahhahah Don’t know how to position the camera, work with my hand, find a good angle……Not very different in front of a camera, I never know what to do, and I also feel kinda shy…don’t know why…how bizarre! hahahaha

But I’m trying, because I want to have good memories of my life, and boy does Rafael have patience! He can take like 20 pictures of me, and I can pick just one that I like. I can be really picky when I want to…ha!

But I’ll never give up 😉




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