Museum für Naturkunde


I don’t know if I’ve already told that I have a major in Biology, and during my college time I used to work at a NGO that was specialised in the conservation of neotropical wild cats and also had a rehabilitation center for other wild animals. By that, I don’t even have to say what a huge sucker am I for animals….I LOVE them!

Studying about their evolution and biology is very fun for me, so I didn’t think twice to visit the Natural History Museum of Berlin. It has a huge collection of zoological, paleontological and mineralogical specimens, and the building itself is also amazing. I highly recommend a visit there, especially with kids, they can get so amused there!

A day of pure fun!! (for me at least…hahahahaha)


The Dinosaur Hall has the largest mounted dinosaur skeleton in the world!



IMG_5681      IMG_5686    IMG_5687

The last picture is an original Archaeopteryx fossil, the specimen is considered one of the earliest birds!


A huge room of rocks! (That’s me on the right with a hat having funˆˆ)



Pictures by my boy Rafael Natal 😉

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