My First Bread! Brazil’s Australian Bread


I don’t know exactly how long it’s been since I said that I wanted to bake my own bread, the first time I said that, I was still in University, and that my friends, was ten years ago 😮 but hey, who’s counting?! am I right?! haha and what do I say a lot around here, better late than never! So last weekend I decided to try my luck….I went to the kitchen and started all from scratch! To tell you the truth, this is not foreign land to me, when I was in my teens and living with my aunt, I would help her to bake breads all the time, I was always in charge of the kneading! And if I would have continued baking bread even after I moved out, I would surely not have struggled as I did this time by kneading a bread for fifteen minutes, talk about weak arms…hahaha It was hard choosing a recipe, I didn’t want an american recipe because sometimes I just don’t wanna do the measurements conversions, its annoying sometimes (couldn’t we just all use the same measurements for everything?!). So I ended up searching for a brazilian recipe, and chose this one! We, Brazilians, know this bread as “Australian Bread”, but I am almost positive that this bread does not exist in Australia! hahaha it has that name because this bread is served at the famous “Outback” restaurants in Brazil…funny right?! hahaha So to make it simple, it’s a black bread! (but I’ll always call it australian bread! haha).

Now, I like this bread because it has a little sweetness to it, and I am a huge fan of sweet’n’salty stuff! Also, I didn’t want to start making the most common homemade bread, I wanted something different, so here we are! Brazil’s Australian Bread! (can I call it that?! ok, so I will 😀 hahaha).


I’m so happy that different flours are so easy and cheap to find here in Berlin, if you have already been to Germany, you know that there is a wide variety of bread to choose from, which I enjoy very much! People take their Brotzeit very seriously around here! haha The thing in the middle is molasses! That is why the bread has a gentle sweet taste. Also, I put the wrong cocoa powder in the picture…duh!


Three types of flours: regular wheat flour, whole wheat flour and rye flour! No wonder this bread is so good!


Now this is the right cocoa! It’s obviously not as sweet as Nesquik!


Kneading time! My arms were almost shaking after…SHAME!



This dough needs to rest a lot, after you knead it, it stays in the bowl for two hours.

After that, you divide the dough in two, roll it, and let it rest for one more hour.


Before baking


After baking…YAY!!!! They came out so cute, I loved it!!! 😀


I started making this bread Saturday afternoon, and took it out of the oven after 8 pm, by then we had already had dinner. So I decided to freeze one bread, and eat the other one at breakfast on Sunday, I just kept it in the oven inside a plastic bag because I was afraid it would dry.


The bread was perfect the next morning, I just warmed it up a little in the oven, because I like it that way, and it was perfect with butter and scrambled eggs!


For me, the bread was perfect. But Rafael said that maybe it needed a little more oven time…I already said on the blog that it usually takes more time than usual to bake things in my oven, I left the bread like five minutes after the desired time, but maybe next time I’ll try maybe ten minutes, and see how it comes out. In the end, we ate the whole bread on Sunday! hahaha


Love having a long breakfast during the weekends ❤ I usually wake up starving, but lately I’ve not been so hungry in the mornings, and sometimes I end up not eating anything during the week….totally nuts for me!


Hope you enjoyed this recipe, and maybe it will inspire you also to make your own bread, I don’t know why, but there is something very satisfying about that, which I am falling in love for ❤

See ya, maybe until the next bread recipe 😀

Happy Friday!

Have a wonderful weekend wherever you are!



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