Karneval der Kulturen


We had so much fun on the weekend here in Berlin, actually it was a long weekend, yesterday was also a holiday here due to Pentecost. Every year during this long weekend, they celebrate Karneval der Kulturen (Carnival of Cultures). On Sunday, there was a huge parade at Kreuzberg’s neighbourhood, about 80 countries participates with caravans celebrating the cultural diversity of Berlin with their traditional costumes and ritual dances.

We arrived at the street festival around one o’clock in the afternoon, and there was a lot of people already there to see the parade. As soon as we were getting closer to see, I immediately heard brazilian samba being played, and to my amazement they were the first caravan of the parade. I got so excited! I started dancing, clapping, singing…just jumping of the ground! It has been a while since a saw a live samba show, and that really made my day, the musicians were good as well. The plan was to stay put on the sidewalk and watch the whole parade, but I got so enthusiastic by the samba, that we decided to join the Brazilian caravan and samba our way through the streets!

After two hours of dancing and singing, we got a little tired and watched the caravans of other countries. I have to say that this was of one the best street festivals ever. I also have to thank the sun, for shining all Sunday long, in these days, that’s not easy to happen…hahahahaha

Berlin, I love you more each day!


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