The Ice Cream Market

With summer knocking on our door, there are endless events here in Berlin. Every weekend there is so much things to do, and so little time to enjoy everything around, it’s like a I almost have to plan my weekend…hahaha Good thing that the sun goes down around 10 o’clock at night, I love the long days around here, I feel more excited to things.

On Saturday, there was an Ice Cream Market, organised by Mint & Berry, at the public pool Haubentaucher, I have never heard of it before and I was really curious about the place. When we got there around 12 pm, there was already a line full of people ready to get in and already with their bathing suits on, Saturday was a really hot day. Luckily it wasn’t a waiting line, the place didn’t open until 1 o’clock. At first from the outside, the place didn’t impress me and we got a little suspicious. But when we got in, my mind changed completely, I never saw a public pool so well organised and clean, the place is amazing! The entry usually costs 5 euros, but on that day was free, also you can’t enter with any type of beverage, but you can consume at the bar inside.

Unfortunately I didn’t go prepared to swim and the desire to jump fully clothed never left….hahhahha But of course we did enjoy the ice cream market, we ate lots of delicious ice cream! And as they say: If you can’t buy happiness, you can buy ice cream, and that’s kind of the same thing!

Although for me, it was a really HAPPY DAY 🙂








photo 1


photo 2




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