5 Weekly Favs


1- I still can’t get enough of my sunflower (photo above), every morning when I wake up and see that beautiful flower, it just makes me smile, can’t wait for all the buds to bloom;

2- Here’s a good thought for welcoming the new season: 4 Ways to Embrace Autumn’s Arrival;

3- I grew up watching Peanuts cartoons on TV, one of my ultimate dream as a kid was to have a beagle called Snoopy (I still want that though..haha). When they started to promote the Peanuts Movie with this action to Peanutize yourself, I didn’t think twice…it was so fun! 😀

4- This beautiful boho editorial on Vogue Australia made my eyes sparkle;

5- Thinking a little bit more about Autumn, a song from a band that I adore, The White Stripes, came straight to my mind. We are going to be friends is such a cute song and I love it.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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