10 Gift Ideas for Designers!


20 days until Christmas! But who’s counting?! Me, me, me!! I’m definitely on the countdown for Christmas and can’t wait to make our Christmas dinner again this year! I may be a little late for this post (or not) because I’m planning to buy Rafael’s Christmas present(s) this week. I never do these kind of posts around here, but I thought it would be fun to do it this year 😀 Since Rafael is a graphic designer, I decided to ask him what cool gifts he would like to get and make a list out of it. Now, he already has a couple of gifts from the list, and I would definitely love to give him the others, but I already had set my mind on a different thing, so maybe he’ll get them in the future…hahaha I think I created a pretty cool and diverse gift list, with some easy affordable things, and some that requires a little bit more money….so pick how many you like! haha Hope you enjoy!

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5 Weekly Favs


1- I still can’t get enough of my sunflower (photo above), every morning when I wake up and see that beautiful flower, it just makes me smile, can’t wait for all the buds to bloom;

2- Here’s a good thought for welcoming the new season: 4 Ways to Embrace Autumn’s Arrival;

3- I grew up watching Peanuts cartoons on TV, one of my ultimate dream as a kid was to have a beagle called Snoopy (I still want that though..haha). When they started to promote the Peanuts Movie with this action to Peanutize yourself, I didn’t think twice…it was so fun! 😀

4- This beautiful boho editorial on Vogue Australia made my eyes sparkle;

5- Thinking a little bit more about Autumn, a song from a band that I adore, The White Stripes, came straight to my mind. We are going to be friends is such a cute song and I love it.

Have a wonderful weekend!