5 Weekly Favs

five_photo_frame 7

I was totally lost during this week, I thought Tuesday was Monday and Wednesday was Thursday…haha Also, today was the last day of our german integration course, after 7 months I can say that I improved a lot! I’ll write more about that next week 😉

Here are my 5 favourite things of this week:

1- Sea World announced this week that they will end the orca shows in San Diego, for me as a biologist and as a person who cares about animal welfare this was a win, I hope that they will also stop it in the other parks as well;

2- I admit that I’m a Friends addict, don’t know exactly how many times I’ve watched the show, for me it will never get old, I’ll laugh over the same jokes for ever! Although my favourite character is Joey, Ross sometimes makes me laugh hard. “The one with Ross’s tan” is one of my top ten favs! You can see here 31 Friends jokes that never get old;

3- The Barbie evolution across 56 years, 1971 was my favourite! But during my childhood my Barbie’s style were the 1994 and 95;

4- This amazing audio of Freddie Mercury & David Bowie singing Under Pressure A capella gave me goosebumps!

5- How would you behave if your 18 year old self interviewed your future self? Peter Emshwiller had that idea when we was a teen, and after 38 years he wants to finish that project. Here is a video sample of “Later that same life“….curious and funny!

Hope you have an amazing weekend!


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