Goodbye 2017!

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2017 Best Nine from Instagram

2017 what a year!! This year was really good to us, I’m so grateful for that! What I will remember the most is our first trip to France! I always dreamed of going to France, and I still can’t believe it happened 😀 I still have a lot of pictures to share from that trip (I know, I thought I would be done until the end of the year, but that didn’t happen…so you’ll still hear about it in 2018! hahaha). Also, our apartment was renovated, and it looks 1000% better with nice floors and some blue walls! Yes, it was stressful, but we powered through! It was the first time I went to an open-air cinema to watch The Beguiled…probably the last also…who knew that people could smoke while watching the movie (I hate smoke!), but I had to go and see how it was…hahaha Summer was really rainy, but I still went to the pool a couple of times on the hot days, and of course to the park with Paco. I bought roller skates and felt like I was a child with its first pair! Enjoyed it a lot at the park…with Paco as well…hahaha My family and friend came to visit in the beginning of the year and we also had the most amazing time together…then Rafael’s mother came with a friend to visit us again in September, and we also had a lovely time together…We love having people at our place! Enjoyed watching the leaves turning golden, brown, yellow, orange and red in Autumn. And for the first time since we’ve been here for the past two years it snowed before Christmas! I couldn’t be more thrilled about that! Made some embroidery, still currently learning knitting…I hope that picks up in 2018! hahaha Made delicious things in the kitchen, and for the very first time, I made beef bourguignon, and it came out very delicious (almost sure you can’t mess up that recipe..haha). Had an awesome Christmas feast for our friends for the third year in a row..really happy about that one!

I’m so happy about the little things and big things that happened in 2017, and I hope that 2018 will be the same or even better! I want to be more present around here next year, because it’s a thing that I really love doing! And I wanted to say thank you for every like and comment around here, that really makes me happy…connecting with people that are around the world!

I hope you have an amazing New Year’s Eve, wherever you are, and may your 2018 be filled with happiness, blessings, adventures, peace, health and lots and lots of love! ❤ ❤ ❤

See you all next year!



5 Weekly Favs

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The biggest party in Brazil is starting today (in some cities it has already started), Carnival!! And what will we do?! Netflix and chill of course! hahahhaha We are not big fans of Carnival, I like it a little bit, but Rafael totally doesn’t and all of my friends are also running from it. We are going to visit some relatives of mine on Sunday, and have a big and typical Brazilian lunch which I’m really looking forward to!

Here are my five favorites of this week:

1- The new winter collection of one of my favorite Brazilian brand, Farm, is to die for! I want everything…seriously!

2- Almost cried watching the short animation, The Present, it’s amazing how we can learn through animals;

3- Better late than ever!! Started watching Grey’s Anatomy yesterday on Netflix, and I predict that until the end of the month I’ll be done with the 12th Season….totally addicted!

4- Life lessons with Iris Apfel;

5- I’m starting to think that I’m always posting about animal pictures, but I can’t help it, I love animals! Even this portrait of a  Spectacled cobra taken by photographer Tim Flach, probably looks better than me trying to pose for a picture…hahaha

Have a wonderful and blessed weekend!!


Five Weekly Favs

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Can’t believe this is the last week of January, it flew by my eyes!

Here are my five favorites of this week 🙂

1- For my happiness, Steven Tyler released his new country song on the day I got married, last Friday! I don’t have to tell you that I loved it, do I? hahaha

2- Harry Potter fan alert! Loved these beautiful illustrations of magical spells by Gabriel Picolo;

3- I am sure that I will have this book, Animal Soul, with beautiful portraits of animals by Robert Bahou;

4- This stunning giraffe called Omo, caught my eye this week. Isn’t nature amazing?!

5- What’s real and what’s not in the movie The Martian.

Hope you have a wonderful and blessed weekend!


Five Weekly Favs

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Well, this week started sad, but ended very, very happy! I was shocked and sad with David Bowie’s death, I think no one was expecting that news after he had just released his new album “Blackstar”. To be honest, I had a tiny hope that someday I would see him at a live concert…maybe I’ll catch one in the spiritual world…who knows?!

Besides that, you can read my very exciting news below 😀

Here are my five favourites of this week:

1- I think that “Heroes“is the first music I heard from David Bowie, and it makes me feel great until today! It’s that kind of music, that when you hear, it feels like you have the power of doing anything in world, like nothing is impossible. That’s how I will remember Bowie, nothing was impossible for him, he revolutionized the world with his greatness! Thank you for your words, songs and melody ❤ ❤ ❤

2- Wishing that this news is true, please reunite Friends!

3- Ok, so the big news is: I got engaged! ❤ ❤ ❤ It was supposed to be a typical Wednesday, with friends and beers at a Irish Pub here in Berlin, but before the night was over, Rafael proposed out of the blue! I can’t even describe how happy I am, these things change you in a funny way. I am also happy that we shared this moment with beloved friends, made it even more special 🙂 I sure do love this man, and can’t wait to marry him ❤ ❤ ❤

4- Stunning black and white portraits of celebrities at the golden globes, and if you haven’t seen The Revenant, please do! It’s a very good movie, hope that Leo gets the Oscar this time, crossing my fingers!

5- Fantastical paintings of animals within post-apocalyptic environments by Martin Wittfooth.

Hope you all have a wonderful and blessed weekend!



Five Weekly Favs

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This first week of 2016 was really fun and special….it finally snowed in Berlin!! I took some great pictures of my favourites spots in the city, I will definitely share it next week 🙂

Here are my first five favourites of 2016 😀

1- Rare color photos of Germany in 1900 before it was destroyed by wars;

2- Channing Tatum’s performance on Lip Sync Battle, really made my laugh!

3- Since I don’t have time (when I say time, it’s really $$$) to go to the gym, this week I started this Month-long at home video workout plan, by Popsugar. So far, it’s been great! Full of quick and fun classes, let’s see if I can do it until the end of the month 🙂

4- Some cute pictures of animals in the snow;

5- Baked these deeeeeelicious Apple Pie Cookies this week, and can’t get enough of them…sooooo good and yummy!

Have a wonderful and blessed weekend 😉





Foto by Rafael Natal

Happy New Year, friends!

Five years ago, when I was just graduating from College, I would have never imagined myself living in Berlin. When I met Rafael back in 2010, he was already planning to live abroad, and so he did. A whole year passed by, and after he got back from Canada, we started dating for real and began making new plans. After saving money for three years, our dream finally came true!

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5 Weekly Favs

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Why is December the quickest month of the year? It seems like it has just began and already it’s the 11th, and I still have a lot of Christmas sight seeing to do in Berlin….would you please slow down a bit?!

Here are my five favourites from this week:

1- This week the St. Peter’s Basilica was the canvas to project photos of endangered animals to bring attention on environmental protection, you can see more photos here;

2- The new X-Men Apocalypse trailer is here!!

3- Astonishing pictures of Canada taken by photographer Stevin Tuchiwsky got me thinking to take the next plane there! Check out his website and/or Instagram;

4- Finished my second hoop art this week….yay for me! Don’t you just love The Rollings Stone’s tongue?!

5- Funny illustrations of Disney’s princesses and princes as grandparents and elderly folks by Isaiah K. Stephens.

Have a wonderful and blessed weekend 😉