Museuminsel Part I



Back in August we reserved a whole day to visit the Museum Island in Berlin, we already had it on our list since we got here and finally crossed it out when Rafael’s friend from Brazil, Lucas, came to visit us. The museum island is located in the Spree river in Mitte, and is divided in five museums: Altes Museum, Neues Museum, Alte Nationalgalerie, Bode Museum and Pergamon Museum. We went on a Thursday, because that day all the museums stay open until 8:00 pm, so we bought a combi-ticket for 18 euros and started visiting around 11 am. Today I am going to share the photos of the Neues and Altes Museum, so that the post doesn’t get too big…haha

I have to say that I got really amazed in the Neues Museum, I love Egyptian history, I find it so fascinating, and when I saw the bust of Nefertiti…it literally took my breath away! Too bad it wasn’t allowed to take photographs.


The Altes Museum was beautiful too, I’m more acquainted with the art of ancient Greece and Rome, but I’ve never seen so many statues before, it was amazing!

altesI love this building ❤ it always gives me a powerful impression.


Panoramic photo of the rotunda.

I wanted to take much more pictures, but I then I think that if you keep distracting yourself you may not enjoy as much…something to keep in mind 😉

Rafael and I really love to visit museums, I’m glad we share the same interest in art, we learn so much from it 🙂

Hope you enjoy 😀

All pictures by my man, Rafael Natal.



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