A Gift For My German Teacher


On Friday the 13th our german integration course came to an end, after attending class every day for seven months, I can say that my german improved a lot. When we were deciding to come to Germany, we thought about learning a little bit of the language in Brazil, but it was too expensive at the time, so we decided to come with all of our hope and courage. It was so funny at the beginning, we didn’t understand a single word….thank god for google translator and maps! hahaha We arrived in the end of January, and started our class in the beginning of March, after we did all of our language student visa process. We decided to attend Volkshochschule because it was the cheapest and closest one to our home, and started at the very beginning, A1.1 and worked all the way up to B1.2, always with the same teachers, we had three at the time, but the last two months were only two. For me, it was not easy learning another language as an adult, I thought it would be way much easier….but I was wrong. I always had difficulties with grammar and because of that it was a bit harder now, when I say a german frase, I always have to stop and think… where should I put the verb? Is it a Hauptsatz or Nebensatz? I have not mastered that yet, but maybe one day I will! hahaha

A good teaching didactic is essential for me, I have to listen, understand, write it down and study later. And one of our teacher (Frau Petra Ardnt), in my opinion, had the best didactic. Her class was smooth and fun, time would easily go by without you even noticing it, and no matter what was your question or doubt, she would explain until you got it. In the end there were just 4 of us from the beginning of the course, and I wanted to make her something to show my appreciation.

For some time now, I’ve been really interested in embroidery, and after I finished my first piece (that I still need to post), I decided to do my first hoop art 🙂 I already knew what I wanted to do, and Rafael helped me choose the lettering and elements.

First, a little sneak peak and then little by little, the evolution (I forgot to take some photos of the beginning…duh! haha) By the way: Lieblingslehrerin, means favourite teacher 🙂

The final piece:


I had some difficulties finishing the hoop, I didn’t know what to do with the extra fabric, so I cut it close to the hoop and glued it with super glue, sadly a little glue got through the fabric….but for my first hoop art the result was way much better than I expected, I am really proud of myself 😀 I’m thinking of doing another one, and maybe doing something with my clothes, embroidery is such a nice thing to do, it takes your mind out of everything!

Anyway…here we are, Frau Petra took us to the movies on the last day, and then we went to a Café to chat a little bit 🙂


We were really lucky to have you, Frau Petra….Vielen Dank für alles ❤

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