Cocolo Ramen


I find it quite difficult to write about my favourites places to eat here in Berlin, there are so many options of restaurants here…some very good, some, not so much. As a food lover, a good home cook (at least I think I am…ha!) and raised by a family who works in the business,  I am not so easy to be impressed. Usually in Brazil, the best places are the most expensive, but since I came to Berlin, I have learned that is not a rule. You can find amazing places, with amazing food with very affordable prices.

We discovered Cocolo Ramen during our first ten days here, when we were staying at the Ibis Styles Hotel in Rosenthaler Platz, there is one restaurant really close from there. It was a cold January (almost one year already :o), and we were still adapting ourselves from the heat of Brazil, and all we wanted was a hot hearty meal. I have to say that I was never a fan of Ramen, when we went to eat Japanese food in the most typical Japanese neighbourhood in São Paulo, Liberdade, I would order my delicious plate of sushi and Rafael would eat his delicious bowl of Ramen. Little did I know that I would change my opinion about this famous dish, this time I had no option of sushi, so Ramen it was….thank God for that…hahaha. It was all that I needed, a big bowl full of noodles, algae, egg, vegetables and hot miso soup 🙂 My body felt so warm, even relaxed! I wanted to go there everyday, but then we moved to Neukölln and it was not just a few steps away.

When Autumn arrived, we remembered that delicious warm meal and went to look it up on the internet and discovered another restaurant in Kreuzberg, our neighbourhood’s neighbour (funny to write that..haha). We didn’t even blink, it’s not so close to our apartment, but we walked to enjoy the evening. For our surprise, this unit is much bigger than the one in Mitte, it’s below a beautiful apartment building in front of the canal. So if you have to wait for a table, which we always did (but let’s be honest 10 or 15 minutes to eat one of the best Ramen in Berlin, is totally worth it), you will have a really nice view of the street.






I loved that pig poster 🙂


I think I am safe to say that those are the best gyoza I have ever eaten!


Rafael’s yummy Tonkotsu bowl 😀


Last time we went there, I ordered the Wantan (prawn dumplings, smoked chicken and vegetables), and it was amazing, super, super, super good and delicious!


As you can see, I did not leave one single drop! ha!

If you’re in Berlin, you have to pay Cocolo Ramen a visit 😉



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