Cocolo Ramen


I find it quite difficult to write about my favourites places to eat here in Berlin, there are so many options of restaurants here…some very good, some, not so much. As a food lover, a good home cook (at least I think I am…ha!) and raised by a family who works in the business,  I am not so easy to be impressed. Usually in Brazil, the best places are the most expensive, but since I came to Berlin, I have learned that is not a rule. You can find amazing places, with amazing food with very affordable prices.

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Breakfast Market


Rainy days here in Berlin, but yesterday that did not stop us from waking up early to go have brunch at the Breakfast Market. We discovered this event a few months ago, it happens every third Sunday of each month at the Markthalle Neun in Kreuzberg. But yesterday was our first time there, we always forgot the right date, once we went there and found out it was closed…. sadly, we returned with our bellies empty…to our luck, the opposite happened yesterday! 😀

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Halloween in Berlin


We discovered that Halloween is becoming a new tradition here in Berlin, there aren’t decorations on the houses or streets, but the young people and kids are enjoying the idea of getting dressed upped and going to parties. We got invited to a party at our landlord’s house, Sebastian, in Kreuzberg. Costumes were mandatory, and we were more than pleased to oblige! I love Halloween, that may sound a bit strange coming from a Brazilian, specially because in Brazil it’s also becoming a new tradition. When I was a child, I spent 5 years living in the USA, and I’d always trick or treated…I have a lot of fun memories about that time! All that excitement reminisced these past few days and I actually got anxious to go to the party…hahaha

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After 5 months of intensive Deutsch class, summer vacation is finally here!

Since we don’t have much money to travel around Europe, we are going to spend the summer here in Berlin. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining at all about this, on the opposite, I am very happy 😀 There are so many cheap or free things you can do in this city, it’s amazing! If there is one thing I love to do on a hot lazy afternoon, is to chill out at a park or garden or any type of green area, and Berlin is full of them!

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1st of May


Here’s a little bit of what we did yesterday here in Berlin! The 1st of May here is a really big deal! We went to Kreuzberg, a fantastic neighbourhood here in Berlin, with our Italian friend Maurizio. There was this huge open party in the street, with different types of music and food in every corner. We arrived there around one o’clock in the afternoon, and there was already many people there, so we walked around the streets, ate something here and there, and of course appreciated the sun when he wasn’t hiding behind the clouds…ˆˆ

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