Our Wedding


I disappeared a little bit from the blog a few days, because a lot is going on around here. We arrived in Brazil last week to resolve some personal issues…and also we kinda eloped! I posted almost two weeks ago that we got engaged…it was probably the fastest engagement ever! hahahaha We were already thinking of getting married this year, but since our future is very uncertain we decided to go to the civil registry office last Friday and get married! We told our family and the most closest friends, so that they would come and also be our witnesses. Of course we wanted to do a little ceremony with all of our family and friends, I would put on a wedding dress and have an unforgettable day, but for now this is what we could do. Maybe in a near future we will make this dream come true 🙂

Meanwhile, here are some pictures of the day!


Can’t believe I married this good looking guy 😀 I sure do love him!


My maid of honor and best friend in the back, Mariella! I was so happy that she was there 🙂




The most important person of my life, my beloved aunt Mirley, who is my second mother ❤


Mariella, me, Rafael and Lucas Leite (best man and also the photographer that took these awesome pictures!)


My aunt Mirley, me, Rafael and the best mother-in-law ever, Inês!


My other best friend, Rosária, also came!


I am soooo lucky that I found a wonderful man, who respects and encourages me to do what ever I want! Also, doesn’t he look cute in suspenders and bow tie?! There was no way I could say no to that! hahahahaha

I love you Rafael, from here to eternity! ❤ ❤ ❤






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