Christmas Market


Ok, so I’m probably a little bit late to write this post….I mean it’s almost one month after Christmas, and here I am talking about a Christmas market…Oh well, you’ll just have to bear and read about my favourite time of the year, just one last time…I promise  hahahahaha I’m sure that the Christmas markets around Berlin and Germany, is something you have to experience. In Brazil, we don’t have these kind of Christmas markets, probably because it’s 40 degrees outside, and who wants to drink Glühwein (hot wine) in a weather like that? ha! I truly feel in love with all the markets, you can find lots and lots of stuff there, not to mention great food! Is there any other way I can convince you to go? You have 11 months ahead to come up with a plan and go! hahaha

We went to some Christmas markets in December, the first one we discovered was at the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, we got so surprised and amazed by it, that we definitely wanted to visit others. Our landlord, Sebastian, told us that the Christmas market at Gendarmenmarkt, was one of the best, so of course we visited that one. The only diference about this one, is that you have to pay one euro to get in, but that was more than ok after we got in.





The location itself without the Christmas market is already amazing, there is the Konzerthaus and the French and German churches. With all the Christmas lights, the square got even more beautiful ❤ There was also a stage for performances.



I will not lie to you, we went there to eat! Our Brazilians friends, Anna and Gabriel, who were in Berlin at the time, had gone there the day before and told us that they had eaten one of the most delicious thing called, raclette. It was the first thing we ate when we got there, and boy was it deeeeelicious! There is nothing that can go wrong with hot melting Swiss cheese!


Of course we didn’t stop there…I really like wheat beer, and the one below became one of my favourites in Berlin 🙂


After that, we walked around a little bit more…Rafael was amazed by this typography stand, that made beautiful business cards.


In the end, we saw this stand with strudel, and didn’t resist…so we closed the night with two strudels (apple and plum, super delicious) and two Glühweins 😀


A perfect night for me 😉



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