Butternut Squash Ravioli with Brown Butter


Hello you guys, look who’s back from the dead….I am! hahaha After taking a little vacay and spending some quality time with my family, I’m ready to write, write and write some more!

It has been a while since I wanted to share this recipe that I found online on the Joy of Cooking. It was my first recipe with butternut squash, truth be told, I didn’t do it all by myself, Rafael helped a lot! It’s not the kind of recipe you spend only a hour, prepare to reserve a whole afternoon for it 😉 But I assure you that you will be highly rewarded!

Rafael opened the dough with a bottle of wine, we don’t own a rolling pin or a pasta machine, but that’s definitely on our wish list. If you use a pasta machine, probably the recipe goes a little bit faster.

We did count how much ravioli we made, but now I can’t remember the number. But I do remember that we ate a lot…dinner and lunch the next day!


I had never tasted brown butter with sage before and I was a little bit afraid of the lack of sauce on the ravioli. But all my prejudice was gone the minute I ate my first ravioli, the sweetness of butternut squash blends perfectly with sage butter! Definitely one of the best homemade pasta we ever made!

If you haven’t tried this, please do 🙂



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