Cheers to 28!


So, yesterday I turned 28 years old! Cannot stop thinking that it’s closer and closer to 30 😮 but what can we do right?! Time passes by so quickly, the only thing we can do about it is enjoy it as much as possible, am I right?! I definitely don’t feel 28, despite the fact that hangovers are getting much easier to suffer from as each year goes by. It’s like, ok body I understand you, you’re not processing alcohol as fast as you used to, especially when it comes to beer. But on the bright side, every time we go out for drinks, I find myself drinking less (it’s a good thing, no?! lol) and switching to spritz, cocktails or wine.

Besides that, I can say that lately I’ve been feeling very blissful and grateful since we came back to Berlin. Everything is falling in its right place, and I hope it will continue that way! It’s so nice when you start building the future in your head, making plans…also, with a sunny and warm weather here in Berlin, how can you be sad?! Impossible!!

This time I wanted to do something calm for my birthday, so yesterday Rafael and I went to have dinner at the French restaurant, Sucre et Sel, located in the lovely neighbourhood of Mitte. First time there, and it was really, really nice! We got a table on the sidewalk to enjoy the nice warm evening. (The pictures were taken from the phone, sorry for the poor quality of some of them).



Rafael gave me the most adorable bouquet yesterday, which the guys from the restaurant placed in a glass pitcher so they wouldn’t wither 🙂


Drinks first! Started with a delicious and refreshing mojito! While Rafael asked for a white lady cocktail, which he found a little bit too sweet, but that’s because of the sugar syrup.


He’s so cute! Can’t believe I married him ❤


Appetizers next! We ordered a plate with various types of original French cheese and sausages, served with cornichons, grapes, mustard, jam, salad and bread. May I say this was delicious, everything combined perfectly! I ❤ cheese!


Foi main dishes, Rafael ordered the french duck leg with roasted apples with honey, mashed potatoes and salad. I ordered the beef tenderloin with mushroom onion cream sauce, mashed potatoes and salad. Only when the plates arrived at the table that we noticed that they came with the same accompaniments. We usually like to order two totally different plates, so that we can switch halfway through…hahahaha In the end, I think Rafael’s plate was tastier than mine, because it played with sweet and salty, which I like very much. But on the other hand, the mushroom sauce blended perfectly with the very tender beef that practically melted in my mouth.



At this point we were already satisfied, but how can you go to a French restaurant and not order a homemade Crème Brûlée?! I would be lying if I said we divided it equally, I practically ate the whole thing all by myself, but I swear it’s because Rafael didn’t want that much! hahaha I also ordered a glass of champagne…just because!


The most cute little restaurant ❤



Time to get the subway and head back home, but this time with a bouquet in hands ❤ ❤ ❤

We really had a fun and wonderful night, I am so thankful that we can enjoy these little pleasures sometimes 😀

And I would definitely go back to Sucre et Sel, next time I’ll try lunch time, they have some interesting quiches and salads on their menu! 🙂





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