Do Yoga With Me

yoga pose

I’ve been fascinated by yoga since 2011, at the time I lived in Campinas – Brazil, and I was a member of gym that offered yoga classes once a week at night. I usually went to the gym straight from work, I always preferred doing exercise in the evening than in the morning. I remember that after a whole day sitting down in front of a computer, yoga kept my body and mind fully relaxed. Sadly, the classes lasted for about a year, because I moved to São Paulo. I tried finding a good studio or gym near my house to continue, but there wasn’t a lot, and the ones that were close were way too expensive. But I never gave yoga up, just put it on hold for a little while to discover a way to practise.

A few months ago after trying some videos on youtube and other websites, I finally discovered Do Yoga With Me. It’s website full of free yoga videos, from beginner (me! but I’m thinking of changing to intermediate soon) to advanced, and also you can choose the class length, type of yoga that you want to practise (I always go with Hatha yoga), and choose the teacher, I always select Melissa Krieger’s beginners videos, she is so nice, calm and slow, easy to do if you don’t know any yoga positions by heart. The only problem was that I didn’t have any yoga materials, not even a mat…once I tried doing it on the bare wooden floor of my living room and I almost destroyed my knees! hahaha While I was in Brazil in the beginning of the year, I managed to do it with a blanket instead of the mat, I could do it, but in some positions like downward dog, my hands kept sliding so I think that I never did that correctly.

But now my life has change, people! Last week I finally got a yoga set for my birthday!! YAY!!! I think that Rafael was so tired of listening to me babbling about how I needed a yoga mat, that he decided to surprise me with the whole kit! hahahaha



Now I can do yoga easily three times a week, I also want to start running twice a week, but let’s see how that plays out 🙂 In the end, I think this a good type of exercise to do when you want to save some money, and I am always careful not to hurt myself, since there is no one watching me to see if I’m doing the positions the right way. Always respect your body’s limits!

Also, we moved back to Neukölln during the weekend, we didn’t do anything besides cleaning the apartment on Sunday, and riding the subway with our big luggage on Monday (thank you for the holiday!) hahaha Little by little our lives gets into place 🙂




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