Random: Current obsession – Mistério do Planeta – Novos Baianos


This week, I’m listening to a lot of Brazilian music, in my opinion its one of the best things about Brazil, and I’m not just talking about samba or bossa nova….I’m actually talking about Brazilian rock’n’roll! Yes, this may sound a little weird for you…but every time that I mention to somebody that I’m from Brazil, they say immediately: “Oh, samba!”hahaha. But what you may not know is that in the 60’s, Brazil had a great psychedelic rock/tropicália band called Novos Baianos, ok, so you may say that their music is a mix of samba rock, MPB or popular brazilian music and bossa nova…but that my friend, is the beauty of it 🙂 Odly, the Novos Baianos were from Salvador, Bahia, but back then the music scene was totally different from today, because nowadays Axé music dominates the city. But also in that time, things were totally different, at a certain point, the band, which had eleven members, lived together in a community at Vargem Grande, Rio de Janeiro, nothing more hippie than that at the time. The band broke up in 1978, due to members leaving to start their own solo careers, but they reunited many times to celebrate special events, like in 2009 for their 40th anniversary. I’m glad that this revolutionary Brazilian rock band left such a rich legacy behind.

My story with them started while I was attending university, I lived with a friend that really liked them, so I eventually downloaded some songs to my ipod, but never quite enjoyed them until now (thanks Spotify!) hahaha I love listening to their second album, Acabou Chorare, I’m currently obsessed with the song Mistério do Planeta, I love the lyrics, melody and especially the guitar solo (played by Pepeu Gomes, who is considered one of the best guitar players in Brazil). To tell you the truth, it’s hard to choose just one song from this album, for me, they are all great! I also adore the album’s title song, its more bossa nova and calm, they say it was inspired by Bebel Gilberto, João Gilberto’s daughter. I imagine myself one day singing this song to my child, that is, future child, preferably with Rafael on the guitar…we all can dream, right?! haha 🙂

Hope you like them 😀



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