Welcome August!

I can’t believe we are in this month already…time really does fly! It seems like we arrived in Berlin yesterday…but it’s been almost 7 months! 😮  There is so much more to discover in this amazing city, one year just isn’t enough.

Since it’s summer and this week here in Berlin is promising to be hot, I decided to post about a really cool lake that we went last month. Summer here is really different from the one I am used to in Brazil…of course! As a tropical country it’s more hot than cold, and in São Paulo (where I lived) you can count on your fingers the days that are really cold in the winter. The same happens here in Berlin, but in the exact opposite, you can count the days that exceed 30ºC in the summer…hahahaha Those are the days that you enjoy by going at lakes and public pools (there are a lot of public pools in Berlin).

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