A Little Bit of Moabit


Happy Monday, friends!!

We’ve been staying for almost a month now in a friends apartment in the neighbourhood of Moabit here in Berlin. Our apartment was rented until May 15th since we didn’t know when we were coming back. Luckily, our landlord decided to rent it for us again, so we are moving back to Neukölln this weekend. It’s been very interesting to know a “new” neighbourhood, Moabit is much more quiet than Neukölln, more like a family place. Today, everybody wants to live in Neukölln, its become kinda of a hipster neighbourhood, with a lot of young people, bars and countless places to eat. I like to live in Neukölln because Tempelhofer Feld is basically my backyard, but in a near future I wouldn’t mind moving to a calmer place…let’s face it, we are not that young and we don’t party all the time…hahahha

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Saturday with Sun and Fun



Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and Valentine’s Day!

We had a great sunny weekend here in Berlin, and of course we chose to enjoy it by exploring the city. First we went to Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg to visit the East Side Gallery (I’ll do a special post about it later), and for my amusement there was a lot of people there, some admiring the art and a some appreciating the sun along the Spree with music in the backround. I just love days like these here in Berlin, it’s nice to appreciate the warm sun on a cold day.

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