Saturday with Sun and Fun



Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and Valentine’s Day!

We had a great sunny weekend here in Berlin, and of course we chose to enjoy it by exploring the city. First we went to Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg to visit the East Side Gallery (I’ll do a special post about it later), and for my amusement there was a lot of people there, some admiring the art and a some appreciating the sun along the Spree with music in the backround. I just love days like these here in Berlin, it’s nice to appreciate the warm sun on a cold day.

We hardly do that in Brazil, especially because it’s almost summer during the whole year, and most of the times we are running away from the sun! hahahahahaha. We decided to do something fun afterwards, so we went ice skating!!! It has been a long time since I’ve done that, but I’m not totally a stranger with it, as a teenager one of my favorites things to do was rollerblading up and down the streets, my idol back then was Fabíola da Silva, a Brazilian professional vert skater, it was because of her that women started to compete in the all-male vert competition. Back to ice skating….I was really happy that I didn’t fall! Seriously, I had forgotten how slippery ice can be…I think I’ll ask one of the five-year olds who were there rockin’ those skates, to coach me!! hahahahaha. But I’ll get better, promise!

Hope you enjoy!

Have a nice week!




photo 2

A nice Iphone panoramic photo







photo 4


photo 5

photo (1)


We went ice skating at Horst-Dohm-Eisstadion – Wilmersdorf, really nice place to go!

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