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Happy September, you guys!!

Sorry for the long silent treatment around here….I know, I know…almost died without me….hahahha of course not!

Nothing special going around here lately, just living the common house wife life, except with one more addition to it!

I decided to properly introduce Paco (Paquito is little Paco in Portuguese ❤ )  on the blog! If you follow me on Instagram (@brunaiglezias), you know that it has been just a little more than one month that Paco is in our lives!

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Snowy Berlin



I was soooo happy last week, it finally snowed in Berlin, I mean REALLY snowed!! I have such great memories of having fun playing in the snow when I was growing up in Philadelphia, my sister and I stayed outside for hours, sliding with our laundry baskets….let’s face it, there are a million ways to improvise if you don’t a sleigh! hahahahaha. Since Philly, I haven’t seen so much snow until now, even Rafael got surprised with my behaviour, he said: “You are in such ecstasy!”. It’s true, I felt like a child again….ha!

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Tempelhofer Feld


It’s been quite a while since I wanted to write this post. Since we moved to Neukölln in February we discovered that we were surrounded by parks. One thing that I learned here is that the Berliners really enjoy a day at the park, with friends, family or even by yourself…..and let’s not forget the sun of course! I love the fact that Berlin is a really green city, everywhere you go there is a park or playground for the children and countless trees. This does not happen very often in Brazil, in São Paulo (the concrete city), where I used to live, there are not so many, I didn’t even live close by one…and neighbourhood playgrounds? You can forget about that (unfortunately).

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