Snowy Berlin



I was soooo happy last week, it finally snowed in Berlin, I mean REALLY snowed!! I have such great memories of having fun playing in the snow when I was growing up in Philadelphia, my sister and I stayed outside for hours, sliding with our laundry baskets….let’s face it, there are a million ways to improvise if you don’t a sleigh! hahahahaha. Since Philly, I haven’t seen so much snow until now, even Rafael got surprised with my behaviour, he said: “You are in such ecstasy!”. It’s true, I felt like a child again….ha!

Since Rafa was working, I went to Tempelhofer Feld to check it out, when I got there I was amazed by what I saw!

photo 3

It was a sea of snow, with many kids playing with their sleighs, wish I had one 😀

photo 4

So beautiful!!!

photo 5

photo 1

photo 4

My snow angel attempt…haha! I also tried to build a snow man but failed, the snow was too dry.

The next day Rafa was free, so we went out to snap some pictures of my favourite place in Berlin!


Berlin’s Cathedral and a foggy TV tower in the back.


Like I said, soooooo HAPPY!!!


Blurry me, Rafa wanted the focus on the church 😉




Altes Museum




Alte Nationalgalerie






Most of these beautiful photos is from the man above ❤

After this episode, I can confirm that Berlin is beautiful throughout the whole year, in all seasons! How can I not love this city?!

You can see here, here and here, the difference of these places in summer time. It’s really cool how nature changes!

I love you Berlin ❤ ❤ ❤

Hope you all have a wonderful week 😉







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