Hofbräu München

IMG_0799As I already said, Berlin has a lot of places to eat, each corner you turn, BAM! there it is!

But what’s funny is that it’s not easy to find german food (unless its currywurst). As a tourist I was expecting that my main meal would be sausages, pork, potatoes and sauerkraut. Because I would usually eat that at a typical German restaurant in Sao Paulo. Boy was I wrong! I find myself eating a lot of italian, asian and arab food. Since I got here I was really craving a typical german meal, which was satisfied at Hofbräu München.

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Coco Bambu

Today Rafael (the boyfriend) and I spent the day out of the house, we had planned to go to the Botanical Garden, but as I opened the curtains in the morning, I saw a cloudy sky. That totally broke my mood because I thought it would rain, so we decided to go to the mall instead. After a few hours of shopping and a lot of window shopping we really got hungry, so we decided to leave the mall and go grab a bite somewhere. This week I read an online article in the brazilian magazine Exame, which was talking about the Coco Bambu restaurant and its success. I always passed by it, but by the look of the building thought it was too pricey. But after reading the article I changed my mind and decided to go there and try their famous seafood. Continue reading