Around Berlin

photo 5 (3)Since Rafael and I arrived here in the city, we are running around after a good apartment to live, german schools and visa issues. That has left us no time to do some tourism in the city, we haven’t gone to any museum, exhibition, etc….

I am amazed by how many stores and cafes there are here in Berlin, you can literally transform any little space in a nice shop. Everything just seems so organized here for me, but I guess its easy for me to say, since I have been here for just one week, but I’m already loving it!

Here are some random pictures of the places we passed in Berlin.

Enjoy! xx


photo 1 (4)

photo 1 (3)




photo 2 (3)


2 thoughts on “Around Berlin

    • Thank you Amanda, so nice! But I must spill the beans…these photos were all taken by Rafael, he’s an awesome photographer. I am trying to learn from him, but I think I need a little more patience…hahaha

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