Hofbräu München

IMG_0799As I already said, Berlin has a lot of places to eat, each corner you turn, BAM! there it is!

But what’s funny is that it’s not easy to find german food (unless its currywurst). As a tourist I was expecting that my main meal would be sausages, pork, potatoes and sauerkraut. Because I would usually eat that at a typical German restaurant in Sao Paulo. Boy was I wrong! I find myself eating a lot of italian, asian and arab food. Since I got here I was really craving a typical german meal, which was satisfied at Hofbräu München.

Rafael found this restaurant while he was wandering around Alexanderplatz, and it couldn’t have been better! The waiters dress up with typical southern clothes, and are really attentive and nice, plus they speak english and also have english menus, which helped us a lot! We went last Thursday around 7:30pm, there was a band playing german songs, and a lot of customers. The music really cheers up the place, there was a moment where the people left their seats and started to dance! They even played Good Girl!!!

The food is delicious, and I know its simple, but I had the best mashed potatoes ever!! And of course the beer is really good too, I ordered a weiss beer that day.

I hope we go there again and again until I’ve tasted all the meals on the menu! hahaha

P.S. let me know if you know a good place to eat here in Berlin! 😉



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