Artsy Berlin

photo 3

By the little while I’ve been living in Berlin, I’ve noticed that this city is full of art! Any short walk around the streets or bus rides, there they are…
Art on the streets, buildings, remains of the wall, paintings in cafes and countless galleries.

The art keeps this city alive, and I love it!

Here are some random pictures we took while wandering around.

Next stop, East Side Gallery! 😉

photo 4 (1)

                 Awesome graffiti by Brazilians artists Os Gemeos – Kreuzberg

photo 3 (1)     photo 4

       So cute! – Checkpoint Charliephoto 2

                     Taking a funny picture of Rafael near the giant lego giraffe! – Sony Center


                        Beautiful painting at Cafe Baretto – Kreuzberg

photo 5

               Thierry Noir’s car, you can find a lot of his art around the city – Check Point Charlie.

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