Continuing to share pictures from August, we spent a whole day visiting Leipzig, a city that’s 150 km far from Berlin. We got up early on a Saturday morning to catch the 7:00 o’clock bus, but as soon as we arrived at the ticket booth in the bus station, we discovered that the 8:00 o’clock bus was way cheaper than the 7:00 o’clock (I don’t understand why this happens here), of course we preferred the next one and we also bought the return ticket that was the last bus out of Leipzig (10:30 pm). We arrived 10 o’clock in the morning and went straight to the zoo to drop off Lucas (Rafael’s friend from Brazil), he is a photographer who loves animals and taking pictures of them (check out his work here: l8photos.com), this trip was totally his idea. While he was at the zoo, Rafael and I went sightseeing around the city, the downtown area isn’t that big, so we got to see many things.

What really caught my eye about Leipzig, was the architecture, the old mixing with the new and some amazing buildings and churches. We also passed by the botanical garden, but only visited its exterior since we didn’t have much time. The streets were packed with tourists, almost all restaurants and cute little shops were full of people, and you can imagine the size of the line at the ice cream shop on a hot german sunny day. After a lot of walking, we met Lucas at 6:00 pm and went to eat. We stopped at a restaurant called Alex, very cute and charming, we sat a table outside and ordered burgers. And I have tell you that it was the best burger that I’ve had here in Germany! I just wish that was closer to home! :˜( We waited until the time of our bus and walked to the bus station, there was a lot of people already there, but not all of them were returning to Berlin. Buses were coming and going to every part of Germany, except for Berlin, we noticed that the bus was late so we waited, and waited….and waited. Someone said that the bus had broken and there was no replacement. That really got us worried, we didn’t have any extra cash for emergency…but we weren’t alone out there, nobody on the bus station was leaving. We were all thinking that at some point a bus would come…..and it did, thank God…even if it was two hours and a half late, we were going home, yay! hahahaha That was some day!

This might sound a little bit silly, but I was really happy and amazed by visiting a city that is a thousand (yes 1000) years old!


City-Hochhaus, the tallest building in Leipzig.


Beautiful architecture of the University of Leipzig



Exterior of the St. Thomas Church


Interior of the St. Thomas Church


Statue of Johann Sebastian Bach, he actually worked at St. Thomas church as a Kapellmeister.


New City Hall






Russian Church, we did get in, but it was forbidden to take pictures. I can tell you that it was really beautiful! 😉

All photos by Rafael Natal

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