5 Weekly Favs

five_photo_frame 2

1- Chanel scenarios for the Paris Fashion Week are always so fun, this time they built a nearly-to-scale airport inside the Grand Palais, you can read more about the show on this Elle’s article;

2- I’ve been looking for a shade of lipstick between burgundy and dark purple, but until know I haven’t found the “one”. On the other hand, I found this gorgeous shade of nail polish from Maybelline – Burgundy Kiss, and gave myself a manicure today, and that was the result 🙂

3- I adore Erica’s DIY on Honestly WTF, I just wish I’d have the tools to do this cute brass fringe earrings!

4- This video of NatGeo Wild of an unusual friendship between a rescued cheetah and a labrador makes me believe that anything is possible;

5- Totally addicted on the Alabama Shakes album Boys and Girls, her voice is so incredible!

Have a wonderful weekend!!


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