Couscous Salad with Lamb Chops


A few days ago, I posted on Instagram (follow me @brunaiglezias) our Sunday dinner. Rafael loves dishes with couscous, basically because he loves arabic food, on the other hand I am not quite used to it. So I began my search on the internet to find a meal that would please us both. I came across this recipe that had everything I liked, roasted vegetables, chickpeas and arugula…plus couscous! That  was a winner, I thought! But Rafa usually isn’t very fond os dishes without a protein, he always says that after eating only salad, 15 minutes later he is hungry again…hahaha

So we decided to add lamb chops to the dish ! It was our first time cooking it at home, I actually never had eaten it before, but I was willing to try my luck. A huge step for me because I am a bit picky with meat, I don’t the feel the necessity of eating it everyday, and I’m always suspicious when I try different meat. Truth be told, Rafa cooked the whole meal while I was busy with other things in the house. When he finished cooking, the plate was looking delicious! I even thought to myself that I was being silly for never have trying it before. So I bravely cut out a piece of lamb, put it in my mouth and as soon as I swallowed it……I completely disliked it. I don’t know, for me the taste is just too strong. Is it a gastronomic sin not to like lamb?! If it is, I’m guilty! haha But not everything went wrong, the couscous salad was delicious (the seasoning is the best), and I’m sure that Rafa was more than pleased to have eaten 4 lamb chops….he definitely didn’t get hungry after that! hahhaha

IMG_1575We added broccoli and brussels sprouts to the mix of roasted vegetables….delish!



That french red wine is my favourite at the moment 😉


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