5 Weekly Favs

five_photo_frame 4

Almost feeling good as new after the terrible cold I caught last week. Rafael took great care of me as usual (truth is, I love being spoiled by him sometimes…hahaha). Looking forward to the weekend, tomorrow is supposed to be a sunny day here in Berlin….YAY!!!

Here are my 5 Weekly Favs:

1- My favourite Brazilian rock psychedelic band, Os Mutantes, is getting a new photography book (A Hora e a Vez), with unpublished pictures taken during the period of 1969 – 1974 by Leila Lisboa….Oh how I love the 70’s!

2- Nerd alert! hahaha..even more excited to watch “Star Wars – The Force Awakens” after its new trailer 😀

3- Amazed by these artsy embroidered pieces custom made by Maricor/Maricar;

4- Rafael made this very cool illustration of Isaac Asimov as gift a for one of our friends, which he loved of course! You can check out more of his illustrations on Pinterest;

5- Gustav Klimt is one of my favourites artists, this week I discovered that the photographer Inge Prader recreated Klimt’s most iconic work with real-life models…the result is stunning!

Have a wonderful weekend and be happy 🙂


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