5 Weekly Favs

five_photo_frame 8

This week was a tough one, PMS really got me….again 😦 Since I stopped taking birth control pills earlier this year, my hormones are acting CRAZY! I stopped taking it because after almost ten years non stop, I thought it was time to break away, and also the price of my pill here in Berlin is way more expensive than in São Paulo, and that only encouraged my thoughts. Since then, I have experienced an acne breakout with little zits and some painful cystic ones (these are the worst) and even fever during the period. I feel like the PMS symptoms are worst, I get irritated much more easier (just a simple word or a look at me, makes me wanna punch someone…of course that I don’t), and some days I wake up and don’t feel like doing anything at all, because I feel so tired….super odd because there is no reason for that. I know that not all women suffer from strong PMS, and maybe this is just my body adjusting from all those extra hormones taken during years, but in the end I’m happy with my decision, if I feel this way now, what would have happen if I stopped after 15 years? Sorry for my outburst, I feel kind of silly and guilty talking about this while there are bigger problems going on in the world, but writing about it helps me a little 😉

Anyway, here are my 5 favourite things that cheered me up a little bit this week:

1- A new trailer of Scorsese and Jagger’s tv show Vinyl was released this week, can’t wait for it;

2- 24 Incredible color photos of ethnic exotic from around the world in the early 20th century;

3- This cute little kitchen is a part of Woody, a trailer home built by Brian and Joni Buzarde, wish I had one too 🙂

4- I’m a huge sucker for movie posters and I loved this One Point Perspective Collection made by Van Orton Design, the bright colours are awesome!

5- 10 Excellent pieces of advice that every artist should remember, I don’t think that only artists should live by that, Picasso’s quote should be my daily mantra!

Hope you have a blessed and beautiful weekend 😉


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