Golden Berlin – Part II


Hello, people!!

Wherever you are, hope you are having a great day!

I was supposed to post this last week, but Rafael got sick and I’ve never made so much chicken soup in my life..hahaha (I’m going to blame it on his sickness instead of my procrastination :s ). Last week got pretty cold here in Berlin, like -3 degrees Celsius, I wish that I could say it snowed as well, but it didn’t 😦 Snow, please come soon! I’m already listening to Christmas playlists on Spotify…haha We are pretty anxious for Christmas this year, because now we can buy Christmas decorations for the apartment, different than last year, because we didn’t know if we where going to stay in Germany or not, but we did, HOORAY!! And I can’t wait to go to the Christmas markets, drink Glühwein and eat local food, and maybe buy some Christmas ornaments for the tree. Things are going to be busy around here next month, we are expecting friends and family, so basically we are saving money to buy some things for the apartment and to enjoy the city when they will be here.

Anyway, here are the last pictures of our stroll in Berlin (when the trees still had leaves…hahaha). The photos were taken near the Bundeskanzleramt (German Chancellery) and Reichstag building, one of my favourite places here in Berlin, hope you enjoy!



When your coat matches the trees ❤ ❤ ❤


Playing with leaves! Loved this gif that Rafael made! (Thanks for your patience <3)


Rafael always says that spontaneous pictures are the best, maybe that’s because I can’t pose…ha!


I was amazed by this gorgeous colourful wall! Autumn, you are the best!





OK, enough with the wall pictures…I got a little bit carried away…hahaha




This tree is so big and beautiful!



The colourful Bundeskanzleramt


And last but not least, the Reichstag!

Berlin is definitely beautiful 365 days a year ❤ ❤ ❤

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