Arracacha Gnocchi with Sage Butter


I was supposed to post this on Monday, because I made this last Sunday for lunch. But Monday I didn’t download the pictures from the camera and then Tuesday I woke up with the most annoying cold. I got a little better today, but still got an itchy and stuffy nose with a little headache. But let’s not concentrate in the bad, because I have a super delicious recipe to share 🙂

Arracacha is a common root vegetable here in Brazil, and it’s really, really good and tasty…I love it! You can do all sorts of thing with it, bread, soups, purée, salads, gnocchi… Funny story about it, last year when we were in Berlin, I was looking for it in the supermarket and when I found it, I bought it and took it home. But then, when I decided to use it, I started to peel it and a whole different smell came to me. In the end, I discovered that I what I really bought was parsnip not arracacha. The shape is very similar, but the color is different, parsnip is more white and arracacha is yellowish, I will definitely not make that mistake again! hahaha But sadly, I never found arracacha in Berlin, today I know that it’s not a common vegetable in northern countries.

I found the recipe when I was looking for something different to do, which is much easier to find in Brazilian websites. I was browsing through Rita Lobo’s recipes when I found this one, and two more interesting ones, that I also want to post about it. I have already mentioned her here before, she has a cooking program where she uses typical ingredients that are not hard to find. Her recipes are very good, simple and do not take much time to do it. But I will not lie, this gnocchi took about three hours to make it…that’s why I chose a Sunday to do it!

As you can see, the arracacha becomes really yellow after you cook it.

At this point, I had to put the double of flour that the recipe asked, because the dough was still very sticky with the right amount of flour, so I just kept adding until I found the right point of the dough.

This is my favourite part of making gnocchi, to cut it to little pieces 🙂 The recipe asked to fry the gnocchi with butter, I had never done that before…but I can tell you that it’s quick and easy, and if you have a bigger frying pan, you can put more gnocchi each time that you fry, this way it goes faster.


And finally, my plate! I loved the taste of the arracacha gnocchi with the sage butter, it blended perfectly, because for me the taste of this kind of gnocchi is stronger than the regular one with potatoes. But if you do not find arracacha and want to try this recipe with regular potatoes, be my guest and don’t forget to tell me what do you think!

Have wonderful and blessed weekend! ❤



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